Focus on Jörg Widmann

© Marco Borggreve

Clarinettist, conductor, teacher

Are there people whose days have more than 24 hours? If so, then Jörg Widmann undoubtedly belongs to this circle. To describe him as a clarinettist falls far short of the mark. As a conductor, Widmann is now at least as busy. As a composer, he can look back on an impressive, constantly growing œuvre. And as a teacher, he has been training the next generation of composers and clarinettists for more than two decades in various professorships. "My problem has always been: too many ideas," Widmann says. Since last season, the Alte Oper has been focusing on Widmann's artistic work. It started with the visionary composer, and with the charismatic teacher it will go into the second round in the 2023/24 season.

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