Meeting point: Stage entrance!
Guided tours of the Alte Oper

Please note that due to the current situation we are unfortunately unable to offer guided tours.

Would you like to take a look at those areas of the Alte Oper that are usually closed to the concert audience? During a guided tour you can get to know the Alte Oper and learn interesting facts about its architecture and history. Voluntary guides from the ranks of our support group, the Society of Friends of the Alte Oper, will be happy to show you the house and the complex procedures necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly when the stars of classical music and entertainment are on the podium. We also provide a glimpse into the rooms that would otherwise remain hidden from the audience: What technical possibilities do the halls have? What does a stage manager actually do? What do the wardrobes look like?

Our guided tours, which last approx. 90 minutes, take place on selected dates in public or can be booked individually as exclusive group tours for a maximum of 20 people, depending on our regular concert and congress schedule.

• Tours are generally conducted in German. In the course of 2019, individual dates will also be offered in English.
• Due to the space available, we are unfortunately unable to offer wheelchair accessible tours.
• Should it happen that a planned tour cannot take place due to changes in the Alte Oper's event programme at short notice, the ticket price will be refunded.
• Group tours can only be booked by private persons, not by resellers.
• The guided tour is not recommended for children under the age of ten.
• Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour at the stage entrance of the Alte Oper. Guests who arrive later will unfortunately not be able to attend and will not be entitled to a replacement.
• The cost for a public group tour is seven euros per person. Please note that there are additional fees for online bookings. For closed group or individual tours, the possible dates and further conditions will be agreed separately. Please use our order form.