With the PEGASUS children's and youth program, we would like to warmly welcome our young and youngest guests to the Alte Oper. It includes participatory concerts, encounters with classical and contemporary works, workshops for creative exploration of music, and much more - for children and young people of all ages.

The continuous offer for babies, toddlers, elementary school children and teenagers wants to address families as well as crèche or kindergarten groups or school classes and in this way provide diverse access to the world of classical and contemporary music.

We would like to invite young people to experience music - with all their senses!

Contact / Information
Tobias Henn
Director of PEGASUS – experiencing music!
Tel.: +49 69 13 40 325

Here you can download the brochure 2021/22 as PDF document.
If you wish to receive the Pegasus brochure by post, please write us an e-mail.

Our hygiene concept: PEGASUS


An extensive PEGASUS season is planned - the Alte Oper is ready to once again welcome as many children and young people as possible with their families, their daycare groups or school classes to the concert. Of course, we are keeping an eye on the current development of the pandemic and are prepared for concert operations even under special conditions. All measures are carried out in close coordination with the health authorities. Your health and that of the young visitors is always our top priority!

Well guided
A fixed route guidance system leads without collisions with plenty of space from the entrance to the seating area - and out again. Please allow for a small time buffer when arriving, as admission may take a little longer than usual.

Inside the house, masks are (currently) mandatory for all visitors over the age of six. Thorough cleaning of all contact surfaces and sufficient dispensers with disinfectant are an integral part of the hygiene concept.

My right, right seat is free
At the start of the advance ticket sales, the halls are filled for the family concerts in a checkerboard pattern: We allocate contiguous units of two and three for families. The seats next to, in front of, and behind them will remain empty so that necessary safety distances can be maintained. At the school concerts, the seats are also filled in a checkerboard pattern, and the children are then seated individually.

At the concerts for daycare centers, the individual daycare center groups are assigned their own areas in the hall, where an entire group can then sit together. Please note: The special seating means that the seating capacity is significantly reduced. Early booking is therefore recommended.

Who was there?
In order to trace any infection chains, it must be documented who sat in which seat. For this reason, all necessary contact details are already recorded when the ticket is ordered. If you are coming to the concert with a daycare group or school class, please make a list of the children's names and keep it until one month after the end of the event so that it can be forwarded to the health department in case of infection.

Safe is safe
Adults, adolescents and children over 6 years of age currently require a negative coronary test no older than 24 hours ("citizen test", available here, among other places), proof of complete vaccination protection (official vaccination certificate with stamp of second vaccination, at least 14 days old) or proof of recovery after an infection that occurred no more than 6 months ago. The respective proof must be checked with the identity card at the concert entrance. In addition, it is compulsory to wear a protective mouth-nose mask.
The decisive factors are the infection history at the time of the concert and the official regulations valid at that time. It is best to find out about the respective requirements in the daily media or on our website shortly before attending the concert.

Ticket purchase without any risk
If dates of the PEGASUS program, which are organized by the Alte Oper itself, have to be cancelled due to the pandemic, we will easily refund the ticket price including advance booking and system fees. The process is unbureaucratic and can be completed using a form on our website or at the advance booking offices. As far as the offers of our cooperation partners are concerned, please contact the respective concert organizer directly in case of concert cancellations.

What is valid today, ...
... may look completely different tomorrow! The best way to find out about current changes affecting our concert operations and procedures is to visit our website. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we can always keep you directly up to date!

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