PEGASUS – experiencing music!

"PEGASUS – experiencing music!", the musical education programme for children, young people and families, forms one of the key pillars in the concert offering of the Alter Oper Frankfurt. With its broadly designed programme, this musical education programme launched in the 2012/13 season is aimed at young listeners of all age groups.
Small-scale concerts for very young children aged zero to three are as much a part of the programme as lavishly performed orchestral symphonies for primary-school children. With the concerts in the 'Rabauken und Trompeten' ('Ruffians and Trumpets') series, kindergarten-age children (between three and six years old) can familiarise themselves with musical instruments and get actively involved in the concert. For teenagers, the offering includes workshops on creatively engaging with music. Many of the events are aimed at children in nursery, kindergarten and school-class groups, while others are specifically aimed at families. All concerts are exclusively presented in German.
The objective of every event is to provide creative and educationally sound access to the world of classical and contemporary music. We wish to invite children and young people to EXPERIENCE MUSIC – with all their senses!

Contact / Information
Tobias Henn
Director of PEGASUS – experiencing music!
Tel.: +49 69 13 40 325

Here you can download the brochure 2020/21 as PDF document.
If you wish to receive the Pegasus brochure by post, please write us an e-mail.

Information about the 2021/22 season
The new Pegasus program will be presented on 30.06.2021.
The presale for families starts on Wednesday, 07 July 2021 at 09.00.
For Kitas and schools this begins on Thursday, 08 July 2021 at 09.00.

Our hygiene concept: PEGASUS - Experiencing Music!

We are happy to play for you again! To ensure that this runs smoothly, we strictly follow the instructions of the authorities. All performances take place under strict protection and hygiene measures in order to further contribute to the containment of the infection with the corona virus.

All neuralgic points or areas in our premises are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day.

All medical recommendations given by the authorities regarding the handling and cooperation with other persons are implemented, checked daily or updated accordingly.

We inform our employees about these instructions and recommendations via the available communication channels.

Please observe the local guidance system.

We would like to draw your attention to the following points separately and explicitly at this point:

Duty of identification & personal data - In order to be able to ensure the tracing of the chain of infection in case of suspicion, we as organizers are obliged to keep a list of participants. The data collection is carried out for the purpose of tracing chains of infection in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, we must ask you to provide your name, address and telephone number when purchasing tickets at the advance booking office in the Alte Oper Frankfurt and at the advance booking office Frankfurt Ticket in Oberursel. If you are buying tickets for more than one person from your household, their personal details must also be provided on request. On the day of the concert itself, all our visitors are obliged to carry their identity card with them and to present it at the admission control upon request.

The legal basis for the collection and processing of data is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c DS-GVO i. V. m. § 1 Abs. 4 Corona Contact and Operating Restrictions Ordinance. The above-mentioned data will only be transferred to the competent health authority on request for the above-mentioned purposes. The additionally collected data will be stored for up to four weeks after the event and deleted afterwards.

Visitors with cold symptoms are asked to refrain from participating in the event at all costs. The AOF is entitled to exclude visitors with cold symptoms from the event.

Mouth-nose cover - Within the Alte Oper Frankfurt it is mandatory for adults to wear a mouth-nose cover. If possible, we would appreciate it if your child also wears a mouth-nose cover. You are allowed to take off the mouth-nose cover on the seats during the performance, because the distance regulations are observed by blocking the rows and seats.

Observance of the general rules of hygiene - Please respect the sneezing and coughing etiquette with respect for other visitors and staff, keep sufficient distance from other people around you (at least 1.50 metres), and use the disinfectant dispensers set up.

Admission - A new admission and guidance system ensures that you can always keep sufficient distance from other people. The house opens 30 minutes before the performance begins. The auditorium is already open at this time, so we ask you to take your assigned seats as soon as possible.

Cloakroom - Due to the current regulations we are unfortunately unable to offer a cloakroom service. You are welcome to take your cloakroom with you into the concert hall. You will also have the opportunity to leave your cloakroom if you wish. The Alte Oper Frankfurt is not liable for the cloakroom. Please note that it is not permitted to carry objects / luggage larger than approx. 40 x 40 x 20 cm.

Use of lifts - The lifts can be used by a maximum of one person or only by people from one household. If there are already people in the elevator, please wait until the elevator is empty.

Toilets - Toilets on levels 1 and 5 are open. In order to comply with the distance rules, only the specified number of people may be in the respective sanitary facilities at any one time to ensure sufficient distance. Our staff is instructed to ensure this.

Washing hands - Soap and disinfectants are provided at the wash basins to thoroughly clean your hands. You will also find other disinfectant dispensers in the house.

The house rules of the Alte Oper Frankfurt are supplemented by the present protective and hygienic measures due to corona. Visiting events is only permitted in strict compliance with these measures.

Sponsors and Patrons Season 2020/21

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