PEGASUS – experiencing music!

"PEGASUS – experiencing music!", the musical education programme for children, young people and families, forms one of the key pillars in the concert offering of the Alter Oper Frankfurt. With its broadly designed programme, this musical education programme launched in the 2012/13 season is aimed at young listeners of all age groups.
Small-scale concerts for very young children aged zero to three are as much a part of the programme as lavishly performed orchestral symphonies for primary-school children. With the concerts in the 'Rabauken und Trompeten' ('Ruffians and Trumpets') series, kindergarten-age children (between three and six years old) can familiarise themselves with musical instruments and get actively involved in the concert. For teenagers, the offering includes workshops on creatively engaging with music. Many of the events are aimed at children in nursery, kindergarten and school-class groups, while others are specifically aimed at families. All concerts are exclusively presented in German.
The objective of every event is to provide creative and educationally sound access to the world of classical and contemporary music. We wish to invite children and young people to EXPERIENCE MUSIC – with all their senses!

The programme for the coming season is published each year before the summer holidays. Please note that, due to the great demand, the concerts in the 'Entdecker' series ('Explorers', for children aged zero to three) and 'Rabauken und Trompeten' ('Ruffians and Trumpets' for children aged three to six) series in particular sell out quickly, despite constant expansion of the programme.

Contact / Information

Tobias Henn
Leiter PEGASUS – experiencing music!
Tel.: 069 13 40-325

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