The Society of Friends

1,500 music lovers support the Alte Oper Frankfurt through their membership in our charitable association. The aim is to fund events which could otherwise not take place at this venue. We use our funds equally for classical and contemporary projects, and have helped many young musicians to gain composition commissions. The executive committee, board of trustees and members of the Society of Friends of the Alte Oper Frankfurt contribute to enriching the programme of the Alte Oper Frankfurt, and thus the cultural life of our city.

Board of trustees                 
Executive committee
Rainer Neske
Dr. Klaus Albert Bauer
Dr. Lutz R. Raettig
Deputy chairperson
Marija Korsch
Deputy chairperson
Dr. Klaus Albert Bauer
Manfred Benkert
Dr. Heinrich Binder
Dr. Thomas Bücker
Dr. Jan-Philipp Gillmann
Dr. Helmut Häuser
Dr. Ingrid Hengster
Dr. Klaus Mössle
Lars Singbartl
Dr. Manfred Spindler
Daniela Weber-Rey
Martin Zielke

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger v. Rosen

Dr. Gabriele C. Haid
Deniz Kuloğlu
Stephan Paxmann

Nicole Schmitt-Ludwig M.A.

Susanne Mattern