Subscription conditions


Existing subscriptions are renewed for one season if they are not cancelled in writing by June 18, 2021. Selective subscriptions do not need to be cancelled.
We kindly ask that new subscription orders are addressed to the Subscriptions Office at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. The Alte Oper Frankfurt reserves the right when required to utilise subscription tickets which have not been paid for in time. For all further correspondence, please provide your subscription series and customer number. Please also inform us of any change of address.

Last minute payment

In order to save you bureaucratic effort in the event of concert cancellations, in the upcoming season you will only pay the corresponding partial amount of your subscription shortly before the concert date (with the exception of the Bach series, the Youth subscription and the Selective subscription). The prerequisite for this is that we have a direct debit authorization from you.

Money-back guarantee

If you do not wish to give us direct debit authorization, payment of the total amount of your subscription by invoice is still possible. If individual concerts of your subscription cannot take place due to the pandemic, we will of course refund the full amount of the respective concert including advance booking and system fees.

Notes on our new subscription card

If you buy a subscription (exception: Youth subscription) or an selective subscription for the 2021/22 season, you will benefit from our new subscription card: you will receive a 20% discount on all of Alte Oper Frankfurt's own events and on many collaborations. You can find an overview of the relevant events here. Please note that the tickets for "Metropolis" (September 22, 2021) and for "Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen" (June 30, 2022) are limited. With your subscription card, you can book as many discounted seats at the events listed as your subscription contains. For example, if you have a two-seat subscription with your partner, you can add two tickets for each additional concert. As soon as your subscription card is activated, you will receive an e-mail from us with detailed information on how to use it. Please note that after purchasing your subscription, approx. 10 days processing time is required until your subscription card is activated. Your subscription card is valid for the season for which you have bought your subscription.


You have the option of exchanging up to two concerts per subscription series. Upon return of the ticket up to three working days before the respective concert (by 2 pm) and the payment of a fee of € 10, you will receive a voucher which you can redeem for a proprietary event of the Alte Oper Frankfurt during the current season.

Transferability of tickets

The tickets of your subscription are transferable. However, due to current hygiene regulations, it is necessary until further notice to report the transfer of your tickets to the subscription office so that contact tracing is possible in the event of an infection. Seat change requests for tickets that have already been paid for and printed can no longer be considered.


Your subscription tickets are also valid as a 2nd-class travel ticket for all lines of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) for travelling to and from the Alte Oper Frankfurt. The journey to the venue must be made no earlier than five hours before the event begins; the return journey can be made to the end of RMV operating hours on the day of the event. The joint travel and tariff regulations of the RMV apply.


Concert-goers up to the age of 25 who are still in education receive a 50 % discount on the price category of their choice when booking one of the fixed subscription series.


The Alte Oper Frankfurt reserves the right in individual instances to make changes to the performance date, programme or seating due to artistic or technical reasons. In the event of changes to the performance date, we will issue you with an exchange voucher upon request, which is valid for one year.
The equivalent value can be redeemed for all proprietary events of the Alte Oper Frankfurt as long as tickets are still available. The tickets in your subscription are transferable; however, there is no right of return. Desired seating changes for tickets which have already been paid for and printed can no longer be taken into consideration.

Please note

Our General terms and conditions, house rules and special regulations during the Covid 19 pandemic. You can find them here.


The indicated ticket prices are final prices including the legally applicable VAT, which include service, booking and system fees as well as an RMV fee.

Subscription Service at the Alte Oper Frankfurt
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Mon-Fri 10 am - 2 pm
Tel +49 69 1340 375
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