The Alte Oper for beginners

“Come on in” (“Hereinspaziert”) is the title of a format introduced last season with which the Alte Oper seeks to appeal especially to those people who have only ever really experienced our venue from the outside. In recent months, there has been a slight problem when it comes to simply walking into places... Nevertheless, the Alte Oper is continuing its mission and will dedicate its 2022/23 season to anyone who – perhaps for the first time – wishes to immerse themselves in the world of classical music whilst perhaps also meeting like-minded people.

Are you a newbie to classical music? No problem!
In the Newcomer Lounge an hour before the concert starts, our host Christiane Hillebrand will take you on the adventure that is classical music: What are these works all about? And who are the people that bring these works to life for you and your ears with such passion and dedication? Musicians at the Alte Oper introduce you to their world and get you in the mood for the evening’s concert.

In good company
We bring you together with other people who, just like you, wish to experience a lovely concert evening. You have the opportunity to meet like-minded folk during the interval meet-up or an informal get-together after the concert.

Smart and fair
For an attractive fixed price, we will find you a good seat – simply put your trust in our selection! Included in the price: a concert introduction and a guided tour of the venue on a separate date.

The offer
You decide on either a single or several individual concert-dates – or go straight for the entire four-part series at a special price.

With kind support

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