On the journey towards the première

Ensemble Modern © Vincent Stefan

Workshops with the Ensemble Modern

For some people it’s how they earn a living, for other it’s more of a great mystery: as a performer, how do you get your head around a work that has only just been composed and has never yet been performed? The Ensemble Modern has 40 years of combined expertise in contemporary music. With a new format, it allows the audience to look over its collective shoulder as it prepares for a première: ahead of the première of ‘Love & Masks’, a new piece of musical theatre by the composer Manos Tsangaris, the Ensemble Modern invites audiences to take a look inside its workshop. As part of their rehearsals, the ensemble members take on the role of supervisor and let the participants share in their approach to the work up close and in person. Manos Tsangaris will also be present during the rehearsals and answer any questions. The workshop dates and informal encounters between participants and musicians will take place from 11 January 2022 in Frankfurt (including at the Ensemble Modern in Schwedlerstraße and at the Alte Oper).

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