Literaturhaus Frankfurt / Freies Deutsches Hochstift / Das Historische Museum Frankfurt / Städel Museum © Sebastian Schramm/Literaturhaus Frankfurt / Alexander Paul Englert / HMF/Stefanie Kösling / Städel Museum/Norbert Miguletz

Concerts in the culture package

Do you fancy a concentrated dose of culture in a single day? With ‘Music Plus’, the Alte Oper’s new ‘culture package’, your concert visit will receive an additional dimension. Thanks to the collaboration with some of Frankfurt’s cultural institutions, the music on each of the concert days will be combined with literature, city history or the visual arts. A high-calibre orchestral concert will be held in the afternoon at the Literaturhaus, the Historisches Museum, the Städel or other cultural venues that complement the auditory experience both directly and across different disciplines. The ‘Music Plus’ subscription includes all the events in the series and offers an all-inclusive cultural package that lets you hear, see and discover.

Past events