Aris Quartett © Sophie Wolter

Double the listening experience

It can also be found in music: love at first sight. Or, more accurately, at first auditory impression. But by listening to a musical work only once, the listener misses out on many a detail. So the Alte Oper’s valuable tip is to listen twice, something it facilitates with a new series. The inspiration behind this comes from a simple insight: anyone who listens to the same work again will experience it more intensely. This is why the programmes of the ‘Listen twice’ series feature just a single masterpiece of chamber music – but twice. Both listening experiences are rounded off with a workshop discussion with artistic director Dr Markus Fein and the evening’s artists on the piece’s creative background, special compositional features and interpretive approaches.

Project partner Listen twice: FAZIT-Stiftung, Union Investment Stiftung

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