Fazil Say / Navid Kermani © Marco Borggreve / Dietrich Kühne, Kroesing Media

Music from the periphery

Limits are often nothing more than the result of an often-arbitrary definition of what was once determined to be the centre. Over the course of two days, a new festival format at the Alte Oper places limits in the spotlight and takes a closer look at those areas that often evade scrutiny. For, at the periphery – which, fundamentally, is only the periphery of our perception – there are surprising worlds of sound waiting to be discovered. The focus shifts in a variety of ways, such as when author and journalist Navid Kerami gives a reading of his own writings on the limitations of life; or when Fazil Say plays with the boundaries between Orient and Occident; or when Frankfurt residents of all nationalities are invited so sing their songs and tell their stories.

Project partner Right at the limit: Aventis Foundation

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