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Eskimo in einer Schneelandschaft, Kanada, 1961 © AKG-Images, Paul Almasy

Schubert's "Winter Journey"

It is far more than just a key work of musical history: Schubert's “Winter Journey” (Winterreise) tells of exclusion and ostracism, dream and disappointment, escape and exile. The feeling of otherness, the solitude of the wanderer become central motifs in “Winter Journey”. Even today, the feeling of otherness often defines human existence: It can arise between two people, it can affect individual experience or one's own journey through life that can reveal a past that has become foreign or an uncertain future. This feeling of otherness is shared by many people, not least by those who have been or are being forced to leave their homes. The music festival of Schubert's “Winter Journey” examines all these perspectives of otherness. With its countless encrypted messages, with its poetic, political and social content, the music festival takes us on a wandering journey through musical and literary motifs and through past and current worlds and explores the desire for home and belonging.

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