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The Alte Oper for beginners

What does the Alte Oper Frankfurt mean to you? Postcard motif, landmark, historic building that stands in contrast to its urban surroundings? Then perhaps it's time for a voyage of discovery. We would like to take you into our world. Show you that we are a living house where music in all its colors and facets has its place. A place where people come together and experience great moments. Just bring your curiosity to dive into the world of classical music, perhaps also your desire to meet like-minded people. We will take care of the rest. With this in mind: Come on in!

In the Newcomer Lounge, one hour before the concert begins, presenter Christiane Hillebrand takes you on the adventure of classical music: What are the works all about? And who are the people who put all their passion into making these works audible for you? Musicians and staff of the Alte Oper share their world with you and get you in the mood for the concert evening.

We will bring you together with other people who, just like you, would like to experience a wonderful concert evening. You will find like-minded people at the intermission meeting or at the casual get-together after the concert.

We will select a good seat for you for an attractive fixed price - just trust our selection! Included in the price: the concert introduction and a guided tour of the house at a separate date.

Classic partner: Mainova AG

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