Focus London Symphony Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra © Ranald Mackechnie

„Always moving. Available for everyone. Inspiring music making.“

These are the slogans maintained by the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), and with good reason. There is constant and wide-ranging movement in the history of this long-standing orchestra, which had already established its ranking among the best in the world, even before Sir Simon Rattle took on the duty of artistic director. Their energetic musical palette is both inspiring and broadly diverse, without being arbitrary in the slightest. Through ambitious outreach projects, the members of the LSO family pursue their goal of making music accessible to everyone. With the London Symphony Orchestra, the Alte Oper invites an orchestra to be one of their focus points for the first time.

Sir Simon Rattle
Classical Music
Tickets online ab € 33,-

Fokus London Symphony Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra

20:00, Großer Saal